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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Up the River

Wanting to get our money's worth for the Big Bus Tour we bought yesterday, with on/off privileges, and tickets good for 24 hours, we rallied and headed to town after a leisurely morning complete with fresh pastries Shelby and Scott walked to get.

We hoped on the Big Bus, after getting our free popsicles at Waterloo Station they've been handing out every day, and we were off....

St. Paul's Cathedral, over the London Bridge, board a boat for a trip up River Thames, picnic in Parliament Square/Westminster Abbey and our final stop for us...a token trip to Harrods.

We learned that we didn't see Big Ben today because Big Ben is actually the bell inside the clock. Who knew?! We also learned much about the architecture and history of the city and it's bridges.

A stop at Harrods for an indulgent ice cream, we walked to the USA House to use our guest passes. We figured we'd eat for free, catch some action on the tvs and the girls would leave for home when Scott headed to beach volleyball to see Misty and Kerri play.

The USA House complete with couches, events on multiple screens, free food/drink, USA pride and more!

Shelby with Jamie Gray, Gold Medalist Shooting

Well, it's 11:30pm and Jana and the girls just got on the train! We ate, drank, looked for medalists and athletes and had a great time until the live band started which proved unbearable for our ears. There were rumors of swimmers showing up but we couldn't take the noise and were fading...

Beside the free food and drinks the highlight was watching Americans compete with other Americans. The energy was great and during the medal presentations it was cool to have the anthem play.

Shelby: Taking the boat tour of River Thames, dinner at USA House & ice cream at Harrod's
Sydney: Learning the history on the tour & cheering on USA @ USA House!
Jana: River Thames and late night commute with girls
Scott: Bus tour and seeing Misty and Kerri dominate their match.

*Technical error today, pictures erased from camera before uploaded to iPad. Luckily they are on Scott's. computer but well have to figure out how to,transfer them when home. The ones above were taken with the iPad.

Location:London,United Kingdom

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