Yosemite Hike - 2011

Sunday, August 5, 2012

A nice day for a drive

We've wanted to get out of the city since we got here. Didn't really know the best place to head but figured we should go somewhere. The plan, The Cotswalds, via Oxford. Jana would drive, Scott would navigate and the girls would be silent in the back of the car!

Unfortunately the weather wasn't in our favor and it was a rainy morning so waited for some clear skies and went for it. Thankfully, Scott fit in the car and it had gps- we were off to a good start. As long as Jana remembered to stay to the left that is!

On the "freeway". They not only have large signs, they print the highway number on the off ramp and on the freeway so you can follow that way too.

Arrived in Oxford and had GREAT parking kharma. And end slot so we we didn't have to even parallel park!

Clear skies so time to get smart and see Oxford. Interesting to learn it is made up of 30 different colleges located throughout the city. Great driving, navigating, and parking landed us right next to the second largest library in England. People from all over the world come to view and study ancient books in reading rooms.

After a quick viewing of works by Charles Dickens, we headed to lunch in a little garden cafe part of the Oxford Biblioteca building. Excellent local dishes, as we experienced English chili, ratatouille, and rarebit bread which we thought they were pronouncing it rabbit bread.

After lunch we intended to see a castle and a campus library where the filmed some Harry Potter scenes in Hogwarts. Unfortunately, it was the second time in our trip that we had a torrential downpour of rain. Ponchos helped, but soaked head to toe headed back to car. Nice university town.

Nice drive home and countryside, despite getting a little turned around.

Off to our last volleyball match of the trip to see USA Women, #1 in the world, play Turkey. USA started slow and played all their starters, and after a close first set win, dominated in three straight sets. After all these years of fielding a strong women's team, never winning the gold, this is their Olympics to finally break though and win that gold medal.

A great first week for USA Volleyball. Both men and women indoor teams finished first in their pools, meaning an easier quarterfinal match. Both should make it to the semi's, and then there will be four really good teams and anybody could win the gold.

Shelby: Sleeping in the car
Sydney: Learning about Oxford
Jana: Driving a (fast) car. Making it to/from Oxford without me and Scott fighting.
Scott: Jana successfully driving to/from Oxford, seeing Women Vball win


Jana needed coffee mid-drive so we followed a "Services Next Exit" sign and came upon the most beautiful rest stop we've ever seen complete with a mini grocery store, arcade for kids, some fast food outlets and a lovely Starbucks that served beverages in large mugs for those not "taking away", or as we say "to go".


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