Yosemite Hike - 2011

Thursday, July 17, 2008


With our trip to Beijing just under a month away, you'd think I'd be up to my eye balls in lists of things to pack and get for the trip and securing the hotel in Hong Kong. The last of which Scott asked me to do weeks ago. However, those that know me know I thrive under pressure (insert procrastinate here...)!

We've been asked by some (Kenny & Lisa) to do a blog while we're at the Olympics. I promise to do my best but follow through is not my strong suit. I keep telling myself it would be a great keepsake for the girls for years to come. I will have to remind myself to keep it G-rated because I've heard where we're traveling, foreigners doesn't take kindly to profanity or ill-words being spoken about "them" on the internet. Does someone actually get paid to "monitor" blogs on the internet?

One thing for sure on our priority list is getting ready for our Olympic Party this weekend. We've got 18 countries attending so Scott and I are in full geek planning mode. Stay tuned for pictures and competition results!