Yosemite Hike - 2011

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Iron Kids 2011

On Sunday, Sydney and Shelby competed in the Iron Kids Triathlon.  They had a great time and Mom and Dad are very proud of them for trying something new and having a great attitude each step of the way.

The first part, the swim, was in Mission Bay.  Next came the bike ride followed by the run.  Both girls finished each leg strong, managed the transitions well and sprinted across the finish line.  They have both 
asked to do another one (a good sign?) and have admitted learning to ride their bikes a bit better might be helpful.  I think they both rode in their highest gear - oh lordy!

Here are some pictures of our "Iron Kids"and their experience along with the Iron Kids Course Map to see where the race took place and the distances they each complete.

Goggles & Swim Cap?  Check!  Tennis Shoes?  Check!  Helmet?  Check!
Bag o' gear all set to go for EARLY the next morning.


Talking to the Race Director - last minute questions 

Highlights of Sydney's "race".....


Finishing strong...There was no way she was going to let a girl 1/2 her size beat her!

 Shelby (and Sammy's) "race"....

And they're off....


Shelby managed the swim and got creative doing so - 
She swam every stroke except butterfly to keep moving!

Leaving transition for the ride

Always more fun to run with your best friend!

Shelby and Sammy crossing the finish line together

Proud "Iron" kids with their proud parents

It was great to share the day (and experience) with good friends 
Sammy, Shelby, Sydney, Jackson, Lilly & Jake