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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Let's go to the Theatre

Two weeks into our trip, we finally had our first day of relaxing and sleeping in, until heading out to see *Billy Elliott The Musical. The play was amazing; the choreography and sets some of the most creative we've ever seen and it was funny too.

Some morning fun playing with Martha's toys.

The girls worried we'd be late to the theatre, left the cafe ahead, navigating the busy streets. Will the mission be accomplished?

Success but then they were too afraid to go in without us!

Love the program - it even has a "translation" page to help with understanding the English words and slang.

Kel, this ones for you! Poor Scott was so uncomfortable in the small seats, he asked if he could sit in the wheelchair section and look where they moved him.....His own balcony seat!

Syd passes her time waiting and riding on trains by reading the daily updates. Thank goodness it's free and they have a morning and evening edition.

Shelby: Billy Elliott!!!
Sydney: Billy Elliott and all the fantastic swim results
Jana: The creative choreography in Billy Elliott and the girls helping me grocery shop on our commute home.
Scott: Billy Elliott

*Lots of history and new British slang to read up on! The play is about a young boy growing up in the North East of England in the 80's when the Miner's strike was going on.

Billy (Elliott) finds a passion and gift for ballet and with the encouragement of a dance instructor, and ultimately his father, auditions for the Royal Ballet School. The message to fight for what you want despite the odds while not forgetting where you came from is a strong and good message for all.

Location:Tangmere Grove,Kingston upon Thames,United Kingdom

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