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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Our Day in Olympic Park

Another early morning, especially since we didn't get back from beach volleyball until 1am. Hour train ride to the other side of town, where the Olympic park is located. We felt like the locals, reading the papers and blogging while on the train. The transportation has been extremely efficient, but the Olympic park is big and overwhelming with thousands of people going to events.

Good Morning Olympic Park!!!

An Olympic trip is not complete without a trip to the Olympic Park and token picture with the torch. We managed the trip to the Park but came up short with seeing the the torch as it's apparently been moved inside the stadium. The Brits think they're being clever and unique, we think it's lame as every Olympics it burned bright and prominent for all to see and take pics with.

Where's the torch????

Off to Swim prelims first seeing Phelps, Soni, Lochte, Franklin and the Women's 4x200 Relay. Needless to say, you can never go wrong with swim tickets, as US swimmers never seem to disappoint.

A sampling of the bazillion pics Sydney took...

If you look carefully, you might see some Fortunes in this crowd...

After swim, we ventured out into the expansive Olympic park with mega stores, pin trading venues, food vendors and tons of people before women's basketball.

Pin trading is an Olympic tradition but doesn't seem to be going on as much as in past Olympics. It's always fun to get a new one for "free".

Below, the biggest McDonalds we've ever seen. Thankfully there are fantastic food options all over the city and Olympic Park; amazing fresh sandwiches, fish & chips, sausages and great salads and vegetarian options too. Food heaven! And the best part, they sell cider at all venues! Jana's kind of city!

They Brits all wearing Team GB garb. It just make us think of Gretchen!

Walking across the park. Always a plan in place to meet if we get separated. Thankfully that hasn't happened!

After battling crowds it was best to sit in the Olympic park and watch kayaking and men's cycling time trial on the big screen.

Basketball entailed Australia working the smaller Brazil team and then the watched the first half of Great Britain (GB) vs. Russia. Amazing to see the GB so excited for their team.

Battled through the park to get home with Scott heading to the exciting USA VB men's team win over Brazil in four sets and Jana & Girls home for dinner and watching swim finals on tv of course.

Just missed the taping of the Today Show

Inside one of the Olympic stores. Sorry, too crowded for us so no souvenirs for anyone....

Outside the park, all transportation options to choose from!

Shelby: Seeing Women's Bball & Swim and being in O. Park
Sydney: Swim
Jana: Seeing swim and afternoon nap in the park of course
Scott: Exploring Olympic Park

Location:Tangmere Grove,Kingston upon Thames,United Kingdom

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